Saturday, August 25, 2007

Storytime Song

Dad: "Storytiiiiime and the livin's easy..."
Caleb: Story! Yay! Read book.
Dad: "Gonna read a story, just my daddy and me..."
Caleb: Read story.
Dad: "All the kids in the nursery agree..."
Caleb: Kids. Yes.
Dad: "I'm well-qualified to nap in a b-e-d..."
Caleb: No nap.
Dad: "And change my diaper reg'larly..."
Caleb: No change bopper. Read story.
Dad: "I run with my doggies..."
Caleb: Doggies!
Dad: "And dance to the rhythm - it gets harder..."
Caleb: Hot.
Dad: "I want to drink some... milk, juice, and water..."
Caleb: Juice!


Anonymous said...

Dad: Caleb, want to trade your walls and carpet for this cool ladder that uncle diddy helped me make?
Caleb: Ok. What's a walzencarped?

vandorsten said...

= awesome.

Anonymous said...

Jason, were you singing a song here or reading a story? Or were you making lines up, riffin, as you went along? Also, how do you remember whole conversations? Do you record everything? Do you write them down immediately? Or do you make everything up to be cool and accepted by your peers? Some people want and can handle the truth.

your trusty sensei