Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Caleb: We are out of handitizer.* I need some.
Dad: Hahahaha... Caleb, I am going to blog this.
Caleb: Are you kiddin me?
Dad: Not at all.

*Entry 47 from the 2008 Unabridged Calebese Dictionary:
handitizer (hand-it-IZE-er), noun: 1.) Hand sanitizer. 2.) Sometimes soap.

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Shelley said...

So... does the Calebese dictionary have an entry for "rhinoceros"? Can I place a formal request??

**sorry Caleb, I know when you read this in 6 or 7 years you may wonder about the humor of all this... but you're just one hilarious little boy (who very often brightens my day!) AND you are VERY loved! ;o)**