Monday, April 14, 2008


Dad: What are you doing, you lil tooter?
Caleb: I am not a tooter. I am a Caleb. I put bread in my ear.
Dad: That's weird.
Caleb: Yeah. I put it there and it grows all day.


Shelley said...

What a squirt. Could you ask him to put some money in there to grow all day too while he's at it... I could you some of that ;o)

vandorsten said...

haha - if that kid can grow money out of his ears, i promise i will give you some!

Anonymous said...

I see he has a tatoo now like his dad, uncle and aunt.... ANd I guess he got sticking things in his ear from Pop.... Must run in the family, passed down through the generations.

vandorsten said...

hahaha... you got that right.