Thursday, June 03, 2010

Pink Shirt

Caleb: (loudly) Dad, WHY is that guy wearing a PINK shirt?
Dad: I guess he likes pink shirts.
Caleb: But he is a man. Why would he wear a pink shirt?
Dad: Some men like pink shirts.
Caleb: Do you like pink shirts?
Dad: They're okay, I guess. I think I have pink dress shirt.
Caleb: Well, you should give it to that guy because it appears that he likes to dress like a GIRL.


Anonymous said...

LOL, you know, Pastor Mike Minter wears pink shirts a lot on Sunday when he preaches. Of course, I don't go that much to Reston Bible on Sundays, but it seems like whenever I'm there, I always see him in a pink shirt.

-Daniel D

aunt sarah said...

i am sure mom has a few stories like this from when you were little! ha ha